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VOTAC is the Voices of the African Continent. It is a subscription-based and advertiser-supported platform, focused on economic, political and cultural contents. VOTAC aims to become a principal source of news and entertainment about and from Africa, streamed live and available on-demand. Most important, VOTAC aims serve as the media vehicle for 54 African countries, providing each with the same global presence BBC, PBS, CNN, HBO and Showtime offer their home countries.


African Capital Market TODAY

ACM Today is a news broadcast of events and activities about Africa Capital Markets (ACM) – covering 29 exchanges in Africa, and representing 38 nations' capital markets. Brought to you by a team of seasoned journalists from major U.S. media markets and abroad, working in concert with country-based reporters and subject matter experts. Our platform is designed to inform market makers and movers about investment opportunities on the continent, while orienting Africans on the benefits of capital markets participation.

Daily live-streaming begins in Spring 2021 from San Francisco.

VOTAC Content


VOTAC.NET is a rich media portal providing news and entertainment content from Africa and the Diaspora. The site will have an affiliation with different news and media organizations across the continent and the globe.


Newscast54 is VOTAC’s flagship, live streamed, news broadcast. This hour-long program will feature news content from the continent, with local and global significance.


Starting with its flagship Current Affairs and Culture program, VOTAC will offer original and syndicated content to a global audience.

Bintu & Friends™

African folklore and literary works provide some of the best content for children and general audience animation series and movies.
Bintu & Friends™ is VOTAC's first animation series for children and adult. Our global audience will have the opportunity to join an inquisitive six-year-old (Bintu) and her accomplice five-year-old brother (Deji), together with their family and friends on transformative odysseys, exploring stories about the African continent.



Africa is rich with natural resources and is a major trading partner with many countries across the globe. With a young, educated and entrepreneurial labor force, VOTAC EXCHANGE will serve as a platform for these talents to reach consumers, businesses and investors on the continent and across the globe.


See it. Feel it. These are words that best describe VOTAC EXPERIENCE. Experiential viewing is where the physical engages the virtual and become transformed. Subscribers will be able explore and enjoy contents offered from our platforms through Tourism and select physical places (Lounge).

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